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One Month request.
by chano98, 28s ago
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Well as I mentioned in my other journal, I face the lack of resources for ideas for most of my art works such as the no where to run story, fun with anime,ect.

But I I am gonna try something new and accept requests for any art work ideas you might want to see that corelates to my other works.

Will be free of charge...but there's a(pause) catch. For during June 8-July 8 I will my uncle/tio for the time being and will not have the resourses to submit any of my art. so in the mean time share your ideas you want to see. There will be a limiter.

                                         ***DA RULES***
1.No Trash talk. This goes without saying but I work hard on these art stuff with little free time, so I don't wan't bad mouthing about what I might draw. That also means don't be a punk to anyone's request. Be respectfull, I believe respect is a important thing between people and their opinions(which sadly I don't see too often).

2. Though I don't blame you for asking, but request for fornication or Yaoi's won't rely be sublimeted. It's more of a akward feeling than anything, becuase I live in a full house and my roommates are my parents (same room, not a fat 30 year old in mom/pop's basement*mainly cause there's no basement*) so it would be ackward to explain to anyone in my family of why I might be drawing sexual or homosexual content(not that I don't tolerate it). I will see if I could possibly put the idea in a cleaner version.

3. Will not effect any of my current stories.Pretty much explanitory. If you want something to change in any of the story arcs forget it. I have a plan to all my stories, so it's mainly art work you will be recieving.

4. Make sure your request corelates  with the my other works/ideas. sure i would love to draw ted from the movie TED, but my thing is with crossovers,friendships between characters, the chief(or any other character) running away from fan girls,snake getting beat up like johnny bravo,*p*o*s*s*i*b*l*e S*a*k*exm*a*s*t*e*r *c*h*i*e*f

Rember your requests will take awhile to be aprove and drawn, hope you and I enjoy.
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Welcome to the Batman & Wonder Woman Group!

Our mission is to bring together the best images of this couple, in their various forms of love for one another.

Feel free to give your contribution, our only requirement is that the paintings make reference to Bruce and Diana as a couple, of course.

Hopefully you enjoy this collection.

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Hello Meow :3

I was wondering why it's taking so long for my deviation to be approved and/or denied
gildabrasil Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Do not worry, we have solved it. Your requests must be accepted faster now. =]
SquirrelKitty76 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright, thank you so much :aww:
Chaosmob Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015
Admin is on vacation maybe?
SquirrelKitty76 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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Over 1100 watcher and 840+ members. Wow this little group has grown a lot. Keeping Batman and Wonder Woman together alive!
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Heart  this group! Hope you approve my submissions soon ...
Chaosmob Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
Same here!!!! :)
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